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Permco has been manufacturing gear pumps, motors and accessories for all facets of equipment industries since 1964.

Permco is heavily involved in many markets including construction equipment, refuse equipment, mining machinery, agricultural equipment, oil field equipment, and forestry equipment to name just a few. Independent Hydraulics is glad to provide quick and accurate quotes on any of your roller bearing or sleeve bushing gear pumps and motors, flow dividers / intensifiers and accessories for them. Please let us know your requirements.

  • Roller Bearing Pumps and Motors
  • Sleeve Bushings Pumps and Motors
  • Dump Pumps and Accessories
  • Air Shift Controls and Towers
  • Gemini Dual-Use Pumps
  • Genesis Low RPM / Fuel Savings
  • Versa-Pak/Refuse Systems
  • Hydraulic Winch Motors
  • Flow Dividers / Intensifiers

Let us know at Independent Hydraulics Inc how we can help you with the Permco product line!

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